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We created a module allowing you to create custom order of proxies on demand. You need to playtest a card ? We NEED those upgrade for your casual play group ? You’ve got the original one and don’t want to damage it while playing ? We’ve got you covered !


Our proxies are made on demand and meant for play test / replacement / casual play groups only. Under any circumstances or conditions our proxies are made to pass as “real” magic cards. Our proxies  are one sided only (Our logo in the back), no foil, no counterfait mark. Our proxy looks great, feel amazing, shuffle perfectly (in sleeve deck) and will be a great asset to your casual playgroup.


Our goal is to provide an incredibly affordable priced proxy at the highest quality can provide. Meaning that our proxy will look great, feel great, shuffle great but won’t have any foil, any counterfeit marker, color might not match accurately to the original card (it’s a proxy), and cut may vary (Exactly like MTG original cards)  and, in some rare occasion, some specific cards from the database we use might look a little blurry (about 1-2% of the time). To avoid this, when selecting your proxy’s edition, make sure to pick the visual that looks the best (usually, cards with prefix HD-, will look the best). Back of the card very rarely may have some alignment issues, but overall minimal and as mentioned, very rarely. Those proxy being manually picked by you, won’t be reimbursed or exchanged for “blurry”, “color difference”, “small variation in cut”  this is a possible and understood occurence.
Our proxies are standard size like MTG cards : 63x88mm with 3mm corner radius. No alpha corner available. If you’re to upload your own card’s images, make sure images are  63mm by 88mm keeping 3mm of safe zone on the edge without any important detail or elements too  important. If your card has an extra 1/8” margin, simply toggle “Margin On” to adjust it to our fitting needs. Our printing method is YCMK, meaning that any RRGB images will be converted during print, therefor changing color values, exposure and contrast . Including the one you see in the database. If you upload RGB images, you should expect substential variations in the final result. When uploading custom images, make sure to always leave a 2-4mm innner space for “safety cut” as variation may happen during production. Our system automatically creates bleed with the nearest imagery available. Proxies are not meant to be counterfeit, only used as play test. So variation in color, size, shape may occur from a card to an other. It is expected as those are man handed during the creation’s process.  By ordering with us, you understand that we provide proxy, and not counterfeit. Do not get your expectations mixed up. 


Our foil method can be apply to any card, allowing users to either pick from our module or upload their own visual.
Our foils are laminated with a thin protective layer to keep your print safe from scratch, which over time, these might show curvature, exactly liek MTG foils. We recommend sleeving the card immediately to avoid that normal phenomena. If billion dollar companies are not able to find a solution to that curvature, neither can we.
Our foils are made on demand. Ordering foil cards may (depending on how busy we’re) delay your order by an extra business day.


On top of providing one sided good quality MTG proxy, we also offer holographic MTC style stickers. Those stickers are ONLY meant to be used on one sided proxies and not meant to create counterfeit cards. We do not endorse or support counterfeit. The stickers comes separated from the cards, you’re to apply them yourself. All stickers have MTG style holographic element to them that we created. (Skull with no nose, and 4 spikes instead of five). Those stickers are going to help keep the players attention to the game, and not to the cards.


We offer custom back cards on “entire order”,  as well as “custom cards”. MTG official logo / back isn’t allowed. Any order placed this way will be cancelled. In case of cards being damaged during their process, before re-printing we will search for a replacement card in our stock that match the edition you’ve selected. Meaning that the back of the card might not be the same. This would happen in very rare occasion. 


If you visit our login page, we will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.
When you log in, we will also set up several cookies to save your login information and your screen display choices.
Login cookies last for two days, and screen op.
We do not share or sell your information with any third party

By uploading custom visuals, you declare owning all rights to these visuals and are fully responsible for any legal repercussions. By uploading this visual, you also allow to potentially utilize the visual uploaded for promotion, add it to the custom gallery for other users to potentially purchase proxies of it.


Orders are typically processed within one to two business days, however during peak times it may be up to three.
Shipping is $5 FLAT rate with tracking number. And $25 FLAT (or 27$ for NZ and PR) rate with tracking number for international (DDU) – Meaning you’re responsable in case of custom holding, fees, information submit.
We ship worldwide. (No PO box accepted)
International orders are valued under 25$ to avoid any import fee based on the price of the package. Processing fees may apply depending on your country’s laws.
Once your package is shipped, we’re not to be held responsable under any form regarding your package. You’re fully responsable to input the right shipping information and ensure proper address format, contact your local postal service, usps or customs. Our system is fully automated.
RTS (Return to sender) PACKAGE:
For obvious reasons, we do not have a Return to sender address. All Parcell are returned to a landfill to be trashed.
We have no way to cancel a RTS or get our hands on your parcel.
You’re fully responsable to :
– Insert a correct  shipping address.
– Pick up your package on time if you missed the delvery attempt
If your package is RTS for one of these 2 reasons, we will however offer you a reprint at cost of material with a 80% discount + shipping.
We understand that mistake can happen from you and are happy to help make it better, remember, this is a courtesy.

Please keep in mind that shipment to Germany and Italy may take 2 to 9 weeks – USPS has recently reported delayed into processing parcells for these 2 countries. Your order might take that much time to arrive there. By placing your order, you understand that this is a possiblity and aknowledge the possible delay for these 2 countries.


Because our cards are custom, and meant for casual play, we do not accept returns, or refunds that aren’t due to a severe defect on our side. As a reminder, we’re not to be held responsable for any shipping carrier error.
Note that there will be some variation in color, contrats, corners, texture, foiling, paper, and stamping vs original cards as we’re not attempting to counterfeit cards but only provide a good proxy. Although we constantly strive to improve our products, they are custom-made so variation is introduced from print to print.
Beware, when selecting your card’s edition to always pick the edition that visually looks the best, as any form of blurry picture will result into a blurry proxy.

For erroneous order deliveries, contact us at printingproxies @@ with images we will assess accordingly and ship the correct item or provide store credit depending on the situation.

For products severely damaged in shipping, contact us with images of the damage and we will offer credit store for the damaged items.
We proud ourself to be extremely fast. Next day ready and shipped for most order, so, we accept cancellation of orders that are requested 1-3 hours after placing the order and not past midnight of that day (western USA time) as our syste, will autoamtically generate and print your files.  If your order status is “Printed” or “Completed” No cancellation is possible. You’re agreeing to this when ordering with us.
In case of cancelation, we will keep any gateaway payment fee (Paypal, credit card etc..) Usually rounding around 2.9-4% of the total cost.
And of course, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’re here to make everything go as smooth as possible.