The Benefit Of Using Proxies Mtg cards.

Everybody needs less expensive Magic cards:
Every Magic: the Gathering player experiences this moment: discovering a new set of cards or a new full deck to play in their favorite format, then being crushed by the financial weight of the exorbitant price tag it commands. There’s nothing worse in unofficial games than being priced out of the decks we want to play for arbitrary reasons like buyouts, competitive utility, scarcity and reserved lists.

How do we get over the hurdle of a handful of cool $20 cards for our spicy EDH brew, or a $250 playset of Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer to experience the blistering speed of Modern with friends at the kitchen table for no stakes but dibs on the last slice of pizza? We print Magic: the Gathering proxies from Proxies Mtg, and focus more on having fun than spending exorbitant amounts of cash.

Use an MTG proxy for fun!
While any MTG proxies is disallowed from official tournament play (unless formally issued by a judge for a card that is damaged or otherwise rendered unusable during play), an MTG proxy is the perfect solution to increase freedom in deck building in casual play – when the goal is only to have fun instead of winning prizes – across all formats with friends at home or with strangers during casual nights at the local game store. No single decorative piece of cardstock is worth the twenty or more dollars that would be better spent on groceries, rent, phone bills and other necessities.

MTG can be too expensive.
Let’s face it: trying to buy some of the best cards in MTG’s history is an exercise in futility. Prices can shoot up for no logical reason and maintain a high value long after their gameplay utility is diminished. Limited editions are bought up by collectors and squirreled away in binders, rendering them all but inaccessible. Wizards of the Coast aims to drive their profits higher by keeping a tight leash on their most desirable reprints and keeping the best new cards at the rarest of rarities, driving folks to open booster after booster to obtain the new hotness for themselves or sell it for more money than a small paper game piece should ever be worth. helps alleviate our hobby’s financial burden by rendering access to all MtG cards accessible for the same price, no matter their supply and demand. 

Inexpensive and beautiful cards? Yes, please.
To fight the constant demand for more and more of our money, offers a high quality Mtg Proxies printing service that delivers the exact same gameplay to us at a tiny fraction of the cost. The Proxy Mtg is not counterfeit – they’re intended for casual use only, allowing you to experience the thrill of playing with financially burdensome or unobtainable Magic cards without breaking the bank whatsoever. Not only is the quality of the printing great (easily readable from across the table, or webcam), the opportunity to bling formerly expensive cards with bona fide MtG and community-designed showcase frames shoots their visual appeal through the roof. There’s nothing cooler than Blightsteel Colossus for $2 or less instead of $50+, except for a Blightsteel Colossus that’s also in a minimalist style like no frame ever produced by WotC. 

Build on a better balanced budget!
Even playing Magic on a shoestring budget is easy when lands like Breeding Pool, Polluted Delta or even Volcanic Island are available to spice up the shabbiest decks for less than the price of a morning coffee. Amazing mana rocks like Mana Crypt and Jeweled Lotus can support an EDH deck for the same price as a Sol Ring each or less. Vintage Cubes to draft with friends and fellow players at the local game store can include Power 9 and other ridiculously priced cards to provide that truly special experience of sitting down and drafting a Black Lotus like it’s 1993. The possibilities are truly endless when MTG proxies can stand in for a card that would otherwise be cut from a deck because it’s too expensive. 

The best MTG proxy solution:
Expensive MTG cards are a drain on resources that are better spent responsibly on real life. Using is a fantastic way to rekindle the joy of playing and experimenting with Magic without burning a hole in our wallets. The site has every card needed in many incredible styles (and the ability to upload your own styles, if you prefer!) for a price that makes the game we love to play a more inclusive environment for everybody. The next time a card needs to be cut from a deck based on its price tag alone, consider MTG Proxy as a way to make your every deckbuilding vision come true.