What Everyone Must Know About MTG PROXY


If you are like me, you love Magic the Gathering. And if you love Magic, then you clearly know that is pretty damn expensive. But what if I told you there is an easy way to have all the fun of the game without being paywalled? What if I told you that the pioneer and commander deck you are building could get some cool upgrades made by yourself? What if I told you that you can keep your prized cards save while also playing with them on many decks? Let me tell you about MTG proxy .

“What are MTG proxy anyway?”

MTG proxy are the best way to get your hands on those staples you need or any card you want for that matter. They are cards printed by third parties at a lower price and ready for you to play with your friends. These cards might not be tournament legal but they are perfect for playtesting the decks you have in mind without wasting money on unnecessary cards, getting your hands on cards prohibitively expensive and even make your own designs for your personal favorites.

And this last point is pretty interesting since there are a lot of programs and pages where you can upload images and make your own cards. It is a wonderful feeling to make MTG proxy of your favourite show or game, share it with your friends or with communities focused on custom cards and check what others have made.

You can either go for alters (changing the design and the art of the card, but keeping the way the card works intact) or full-blown custom cards (homemade ideas you have always had and want to see how they would play out in real life). One way or the other, making your own MTG proxy is a great experience and leaves you with cards that are unique and tailored by you for your decks or for that person you want to make a special gift to.

“Common arguments against proxying”

Even with all of this, MTG proxy are always put into question by a few things, so let’s answer them, shall we?

– They are not the real deal: Many people point this out as a bad thing against MTG proxy , but this is not as egregious as they present it if you really think about the big picture. Many cards are extremely rare and extremely expensive and sometimes the money one has set aside for the budget of a hobby is simply not big enough to accommodate an expense that large. Buying a MTG proxy is a perfect solution since they are not trying to fool anyone on whether or not they are legitimate copies but they help you play with your friends on a casual way (of course, tell them before starting the game session about your MTG proxy just to avoid any problems).

– People would only get the strongest cards usinbt MTG proxy : This one is related to the first point since it is focused on the point of view of someone who has a lot of money and time invested in the game so they feel everyone else should also invest similar amounts of both.

Believing people will only get strong cards is not unfounded, but it is really misguided since most people can freely choose who they are going to play with depending on their power level of the decks they play. If someone comes with a strong, expensive deck filled with real cards to play against people playing with precons then it would feel the exact same as if they came with MTG proxy  : It would and unbalanced, unfun experience for the precon players since they are accustomed to much lower power level. Choosing the correct play group is key for everyone’s enjoyment. And well, you can always invite people to get their own MTG proxy and go for way more chaotic games.

– MTG proxy hurts the company: It really does not. Buying singles is not going to give them any money either way and, if you play at your Local Game Store even with MTG proxy, then you are more likely to buy packs from them directly and actually support the company. Additionally, MTG proxy do not have any second-hand value, so it is not like there could be any damage to the established economy.


One can go on and on about the topic, but in all honesty the basic gist can be boiled down to what you see magic as: is it an investment or a game? If you are reading this far ahead, it is safe to assume you see it as a game and enjoy it so, why not try to get your own MTG proxy , get them sleeved up and form your opinion on the topic by playing? Be it that one card you have been looking for, a card with your own art on it, or a sweet gift for your special other, PrintingProxies has got you covered. And hey, if you were to spend $999 you would know what exactly what cards you are getting.